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Mobogenie 2.1.32 07_ful10

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Mobogenie 2.1.32 07_ful10

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Mobogenie 2.1.32

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Mobogenie 2.1.32 Empty Mobogenie 2.1.32

Postaj by zagor pet stu 29, 2013 5:32 pm

Mobogenie 2.1.32 Mobogenie

If you want a simple but powerful android manager for your PC, then Mobogenie is your ideal choice. The free manager replaces the interface software bundled with your phone-that is if you were lucky to get one. It will allow you to:

    Download android apps
    Backup android smartphone
    Restore backed content
    Manage texts
    Manage media
    Manage contacts

Installing Mobogenie
Installing the Windows desktop client was straightforward, and the program guided us on how to connect our phone. We had to enable USB debugging mode on the phone and then connect it to the PC via USB cable. We could see a live preview of our phone on the left part of the display once the software had detected it.

Using Mobogenie

Mobogenie’s user interface is easy to understand because the fairly large icons have their respective names clearly written below them. While there were features we could not access unless we connected the phone, we could use some parts even without a phone connection. For example, the program allowed us to watch and even download videos without the need of a phone connection. We could later transfer the downloaded videos to the phone.

Mobogenie is a complete android manager that allowed us to access all parts of our phone on the PC. We could manage data, the smartphone and its resources. The program made it easy to download android apps that would have taken frustratingly long to download directly on the smartphone.

The download manager gave us the option to download videos in a variety of formats and resolutions, from HD format to mobile-friendly 3GP format. The download progress bar was on the lower left part of the display, including download speed.

Other things you can download with the program include ringtones, wallpapers, games and apps. Apps are grouped into several categories, from Books & Reference to Widgets.

Editing even a few contacts on a phone can be a daunting task. However, Mobogenie simplifies anything you want to do with your contacts, be it editing existing contacts, adding new ones or deleting some. You can even import Outlook or Symbian contacts, and you will find it easy to delete duplicate contacts. We also found it convenient to compose and send text messages from the computer.

If you want to backup android content or restore what’s backed up, you will need just a click. Additionally, exploring the memory card is as easy as clicking the Manage SD Card icon.

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