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Synfig Animation Studio 0.64.0  07_ful10

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Synfig Animation Studio 0.64.0  07_ful10

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Synfig Animation Studio 0.64.0

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Synfig Animation Studio 0.64.0  Empty Synfig Animation Studio 0.64.0

Postaj by Admin pon ruj 23, 2013 8:01 am

Synfig Animation Studio 0.64.0  Synfig10

Have you ever thought of creating 2D animation without having to buy expensive software? Then Synfig Studio is the perfect choice for you. This free animation software offers a superb industrial-strength solution that uses both bitmap and vector graphics to create film-quality animation.


    Temporal Resolution Independence: The computer creates smooth motion by automatically interpolating animation-keyframes.
    Spatial Resolution Independence: Synfig Studio does not create pixilation in built-in components because the elements are largely vector-based. In addition, the software generates all layers parametrically, which means pixilation only occurs in imported raster images even when you change the target resolution of your project.
    High Dynamic-Range Imaging: HDRI processing uses floating-point math when making image calculations, allowing canvases to have an internal understanding of a wider range of pixel luminance. The result is improved lighting effects and color composition.
    Artist-oriented design: The free software is specifically designed for animation.
    Pentablet-friendly Tools: You can create different types of lines simply by adjusting the pressure you apply on your tablet.
    Layers: The program is compatible with different types of layers, including distortions, fractal, geometric, transformations, filters and gradients.
    Path-based Gradients: Synfig Studio fully supports gradient paths, which makes it easy to add soft shading to 2D animation without having to paint it onto each frame.

Using Synfig Studio

We are particularly impressed by the last feature mentioned above because it allows amateur animators to save time. They will not be forced to draw all required frames to make their animations, as they can import existing bitmap and vector artwork and use the program to create better quality 2D animation.

The program interface takes the whole screen and displays several panels that may initially overwhelm the inexperienced. However, this only means the software suits even experienced users. The program comes with built-in examples that you can browse to see what you can do. The free animation software also offers plenty of tutorials that will help anyone interested in the industry. The interface needs some figuring out but works well.

The user interface has three floating windows:

    Toolbox: the main window that serves as the control panel
    Canvas: the working surface
    Panels: offers a centralized location for various tools and details

Since Synfig Studio is vector-based, graphics remain sharp and smooth irrespective of resolution. It allowed us to create animations that remained sharp and smooth even when we used different types of devices and screen sizes.


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