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TGH Icon Converter 1.5  07_ful10

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TGH Icon Converter 1.5  07_ful10

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TGH Icon Converter 1.5

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TGH Icon Converter 1.5  Empty TGH Icon Converter 1.5

Postaj by Admin ned pro 15, 2013 11:02 am

TGH Icon Converter 1.5  1

TGH Icon Converter is a free, small program to quickly convert your images into icon (ICO) files. ICO files are standard icons commonly used in software applications and websites.
TGH Icon Converter features a straight forward, minimalist interface and is very easy to use. Simply import your JPEG or PNG image (max height of 350 pixels), click "Convert Image", and open the target directory to view your converted file.
Note: The image preview window is limited to a fixed size (350 pixels in height) which results in larger images not being fully viewable. However, once the image is converted to an icon file, the newly created icon is viewable in the upper left corner of the application interface.


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