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Postaj by Admin ned sij 19, 2014 7:30 pm

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A simple picture viewer and manipulator. Open source (CBuilder 5). Features:
- Slideshow
- Thumbnails
- Drawing operations
- Several picture formats
- Tile pictures
- Combine pictures
- Size pictures/extend
- Batchconversation/Sizing
- Icon extraction from DLL- and EXE-files
- Save selection to file
- File properties
- EXIF/IPTC information is not lost while saving a picture
- Red eye reduction
- Scale colors
- Rotate colors
- Drawing arrows
- Available in polish and slovak language
- Size display correction for saving JPEGs compressed
- Rectangle selection enhanced
- Multipage TIFFs
- Now also in danish and italian language
- Compare pictures
- Create/edit animated GIFs
- Search for pictures
- Now also available with chinese language
- Print all pages or a range of multipage GIFs/TIFs
- DPI bugfix
- Twain source bugfix, Capturer 1.500 is now able to apply effects
- Now also available with czech language
- Autosave added

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