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Plasma Media Center 1.1.0a 07_ful10

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Plasma Media Center 1.1.0a 07_ful10

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Plasma Media Center 1.1.0a

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Plasma Media Center 1.1.0a Empty Plasma Media Center 1.1.0a

Postaj by Admin ned ruj 29, 2013 1:22 pm

Plasma Media Center 1.1.0a Plasma10

Plasma Media Center (PMC) is an open source media center solution for mobile devices, based on the excellent KDE and Plasma technologies.

Being designed to offer a rich experience to media addicts, the Plasma Media Center software provides a a unified media experience on Tablets, PCs, Netbooks, TVs, as well as on other devices that are capable of running the KDE environment.

Plasma Media Center will allow users to browse their local file system for media files, use the KDE Desktop Search functionality to get a unified view of all available media files, view photos from Picasa or Flickr, create playlists from available media files, and play files randomly and sequentially.


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